Can u imagine Howard and Luxa doing the Kristoff/Anna skit from Frozen like

Howard: If you know so much about him, then what’s his favorite food?

Luxa: Sandwiches

Howard: Eye color?

Luxa: …Not purple

Howard: What’s his last name?

Luxa: …….the Overlander

Alright, headcanon time! Gregor finally got to go back to the underland when he was sixteen after years of pleading, he went with his dad and sisters as a birthday gift. Though he tried persuading her, his mom wouldn’t go back. After that the visits back to the underland became more frequent and at nineteen Gregor moved there permanently with visits every now and then to the overland instead. 

Let me know what you think of the head canons everyone, and if you think something different, let me know!  Should I post more?


Must learn this.

Luxa from the Underland Chronicles.
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Hello I’m from the Gregor the Overlander fandom and we don’t even know what our main character looks like or even his last name.

All of his friends are dead because there is like an average of two major character deaths per book and one of his friends lost a leg once. His mom has a terminal disease during two books and his dad is sick most of the time too. The girl that he likes nearly dies on numerous occasions and his best friend is a giant talking bat who everyone else hates so he ends up being really depressed. The main character’s sister also has anxiety attacks and his other sister almost dies a bunch of times too. He pretty much has PTSD by the end of the books and will most likely never see any of his remaining living friends again.

But trust me you’ll love this series so read it please?

"Ares the flier, I bond to you
Our life and death are one, we two
In dark, in flame, in war, in strife
I save you as I save my life"
Gregor the Overlander, Suzanne Collins