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Okay but we all agree Gregor and Percy Jackson would be best friends right

  • Percy: Hey, I'm Percy. Son of Poseidon.
  • Gregor: I'm Gregor the Overlander. Warrior, rager, son of the sun. I live in New York in a crappy apartment with my mom. My dad was missing until a little while ago.
  • Percy: Dude, same. When I was twelve I found out I've basically got superpowers and had to leave my mom to go live with these crazy people to use my powers to, like, save their world, or whatever.
  • Gregor: Oh, you don't even want to know my version of that story. At least I've got this old wise guy to kinda mentor me.
  • Percy: He wouldn't happen to be half-horse, would he? You know what, nevermind. I'm just thankful for my girlfriend, Annabeth.
  • Gregor: Light-colored hair, cool-looking eyes, strategist, total badass but really temperamental? Hated you when you first met her, didn't she?
  • Percy: This is crazy, man. Next thing I know you'll be telling me how you found out there's a series of really vague-sounding prophecies written about you because you're some kind of chosen one, but the prophecies never turn out the way anyone thinks, and that there's this really big one at the end that predicts your death but everyone refuses to tell you about it until it's right about to happen, so your old wise guy mentor gives you this legendary sword and tells you it's got a history of bringing people sorrow, or whatever, and you have to go around slicing up bad guys with it on the back of a black, winged animal.
  • Gregor: ... Dude.
  • "gregor you useless piece of shit"

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    Gregor is 11 in these books

    he should be at home yelling at his minecraft game and feeding his neopets not fighting wars for an underground civilization


    Sometimes I just think about how if Gregor ever went back to school, whether it be in New York or in Virginia, everyone around him would probably come to the conclusion that he was either depressed or abused or both, in the way he’d always wear long sleeves and pants, keep to…



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Bond: the Underlanders lose all control of their emotions and start muttering sadly about the Greek god of war
    Underlander headcannon-
    Underlander headcannon-


    I did a bit of research on a mythical genetic mutation called Alexandria’s Genesis. I have started to think that the underlander’s appearance is based off of this condition.
    Alexandria’s Genesis is sort of a super-human mutation that does not exist. It may be based off of…

    This is super cool! The traits for the underlanders do fit a lot of the traits of Alexandria’s gensis, though there are some which are physiologically impossible, such as the lack of sunburns and the lack of waste production. On the other hand the long life span would make sense, especially if Solovet and Vikus are Luxa’s grandparents but they are still so able and can fight as they do. They may be old by our standards but perhaps compared to the potential lifespans of the underlanders they aren’t? Also the Genesis would have the be encased in several genes  (either spread through dominance or survival of the fittest) which would explain why hazard had black hair and green eyes but still had the translucent skin. 




Gregor the Overlander concept sketches!

These are so freaking amazing!!! Exactly how I imagine they would look if we got an animated movie for them.

oh, that’s so cool :)


    Headcanon: After the war, Gregor takes up fencing so he can keep up his sword skills. He is fantastic at it. Eventually he joins the Professional Fencing League and becomes a famous fencer.


    Headcanon: After the war, Gregor joins the boxing team at his school. He turns out to be great at boxing and wins just about every competition that he enters. He becomes a professional boxer when he grows up