I can’t be the only one who tried to learn echolocation after reading the Gregor the overlander series

I tried for about a year before I gave up. I was very dedicated as a child.

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I love love love the idea of Nico and Gregor being brothers but how would that work? Timeline wise?


Good question. I had to look up some stuff but I think I can make this work.

So, Nico was born in the early 1930s. I can’t find an exact date but I’m going to go with March, just because. The di Angelo family moves from Italy to the United States around 1940, making Nico ten. Shortly after they move Zeus destroys the hotel they’re staying in killing their mom, Maria. Hades was able to erect a protective shield around Bianca and Nico and had them sent to the Lotus Hotel where they were trapped for seventy years. It’s 2010 when they are released and he still looks ten. Nico gets sucked into the underworld in Son of Poseidon, I couldn’t find any mention of exactly how old he is then but I would say thirteen wit his birthday a few months away.

Now I searched hard for any mention of the time period in The Underland Chronicles on the internet (I don’t have the books so I can’t look up clues that way) and found nothing, so for the sake of this explanation, and because I honestly doubt it is mentioned in the books anyway, we are going to assume that Gregor was born in 1999. Gregor would be eleven in 2010 which would let their ages match up for when they meet.

Now as for Hades, he’s got Persephone trapped…I mean safely protected, in his domain but their relationship is volatile and unhealthy. It’s  no surprise that he would be sexually frustrated. Hades met Grace Campbell and maybe she reminded him of Maria and one thing led to another and they sleep together. Nine months later Gregor is born.

So there is my explanation. If that helps at all. If that’s not the answer you wanted feel free to send another message and Ill try to give you a better answer.

I think this works really well : 3




important headcanons to consider:

  • can they use chopsticks
  • what do they do when they cant sleep
  • what would they impulse buy at the grocery store
  • what order do they wash things in the shower
  • what’s their coffee order
  • what sort of apps would they have on their smartphone
  • how do they act around children
  • what would they watch on tv when they’re bored and nothing they really like is on

oh oh oh, I can do this!!!

1. Gregor can, if only semi-competently. Luxa can not for the life of her.
2. Luxa whistles old songs or recites old poetry/prophecy. Gregor doodles. Especially bats, rats, and roaches.
3. Luxa would impulse buy damn near everything. Gregor buys weird Overland food for Luxa or stuff he would have liked to show Ares
4. Luxa doesn’t like showers! They don’t have those in the Underland, she can never get used to them. Gregor shampoos his hair and then leans against the shower wall for twenty minutes until he’s actually awake to do the rest.
5. Gregor would like to make a “black as my soul” joke but he is a total sissy and can’t stand black coffee, actually, so he buys the really frilly fancy stuff because he actually likes that. Caramel anything is his favorite. Luxa really really likes espresso, but she’s not allowed to have that after last time. (Note to self: write about “last time”)
6. Gregor’s phone is a little simpler than a big fancy smartphone but he still has, like, a compass and the weather on his crappier phone. Luxa has the top of the line newest phone and it is sleek and high-quality and ridiculously cluttered with so many apps, you have no idea.
7. They’re both really good with kids! Luxa’s a little more standoffish, while Gregor’s a little more likely to engage with little kids and goof around with them and stuff.
8. Luxa really likes National Geographic and history channel stuff - catching up on the surface world and its amazing differences from the Underland - so if none of Gregor’s programs are on, he’ll watch that. If none of those are on, and he and Luxa are truly pressed for entertainment, they’ll sulkily give in and watch some of the reality TV soap operas Lizzie and Howard keep nagging them to try (which they almost always loathe and watch only for the purposes of mocking.) (Lizzie and Howard, of course, adore these shows immensely.)

I like these a whole lot

so very perf




My headcanon image of Nike! For reference, this is the pied bat, Niumbaha superba, a vesper-type bat from Sudan.



That is definitely nike!

Just finished the outlines for a TUC comic, it’s basically http://half-lander.tumblr.com/post/92554807853/alright-tag-youre-it-gluxa-stargazing but as a comic because I read that and it’s still sticking with me because I’m a huge hopeless romantic . It’s 11pages total, will start posting asap. Hopefully it’s alright, it will be my first comic

So I was looking for a thing and again came across the TUC pickup lines and just happened to think how much Thalia would’ve loved some of them ): 

TUC headcanon 3: The underland isn’t the only underground world that exists. Many ‘lost’ civilizations  (i.e. Atlantis) are actually just part of the underground world. The only group that is fully aware of this though are the Styx from The Colony (Tunnels Trilogy by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. Excellent book definite read. Very similar story to TUC) 

So if you like the headcanons the reblog, if you would’ve done something different let me know! I love the suggestions I got for the last headcanon and they’re all very intriguing, especially about the prospect of Boots (or Maggie) bonding with a crawler! (by Jakeuptown)

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[half-lander] Tag, you're it! Prompt: forgotten relative (this is gonna be great!)


(Let’s hope! More under the cut)

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I will never be over Ares’s death

I will go to the grave upset by that death